Our Family Reunion

We journeyed to Rocky Gap Resort in the majestic mountains of Western Maryland for our annual family reunion. Rocky Gap is absolutely beautiful and truly allows one to take in God’s awesome power in the creation of Earth.

As a brief history, my husband’s family has been doing a family reunion for over 20 years. He is 1 of 9 and each sibling takes a year to plan the family reunion. For example, the last 3 years we have traveled by bus to Boston, Chicago, and Charleston so it was a bit different this year to drive to a location in Maryland (ideally less than 4 hours from where most of us live) but it was well worth it. Keep in mind that just about each of his siblings had 3 kids and their kids now have kids so it is normally a group of at least 50.

Here are some pictures of our time together sans extended family:

The kids

Hubby, Pop-Pop & kids

Majestic mountains

And here is a cute baby bunny, the rabbits were quite active out there. 🙂

Baby bunny

There are more photos on the Flickr sidebar.


2 thoughts on “Our Family Reunion”

  1. What a beautiful place! The children are much cuter than the bunnies though. What great smiles.
    I love family reunions. Both my husband and I have 2 siblings and have found it difficult to get them together. I can’t imagine 9!

    Thanks so much!! I come from a small family (1 sibling who is no longer here) and my dad had only 1 sibling whereas my mom’s family is larger but not a cohesive unit for a variety of reasons. I was at first intimidated by the concept of a family reunion especially since 1 month after we were married, we hosted it and I was ready for an anullment based upon their attitudes, complaints and the whole nine. 🙂 Thankfully, I have tougher skin now so in 2 years when it is our turn again, I know to let it all go into 1 ear and out the other. I would definitely encourage you to keep trying to get everyone together even if it just at your house. Blessings!

  2. My goodness, that really is beautiful. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

    I often wish my family did things like that, but no such luck. With that big of a family, I bet it gets to be quite an adventure!! 🙂

    An adventure can be an understatement. I think the key is remembering the old adage that you cannot please all of the people all of the time. There will always be someone or several someones that have something to fuss about..no matter what. As for the resort, it was divine and many of us are looking to return in the future – separately and not as a group. 🙂

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