Color Week – Day 1 – Red

While trying to catch up with my fav reads, I was over at House on Hill Road and was intrigued by Color Week. It is something different and quite a neat idea.

So, my picture for today’s color which is red or pink is my dd’s shoes. She loves these brick red shoes and wears them with just about anything whether she is wearing red or not. 😀 I always chuckle because when I was young, the older women at my church (think Southern Baptist) would talk about how the only women who wore red shoes were woman of the evening. How times have changed…thank goodness!!!

Red shoes


One thought on “Color Week – Day 1 – Red”

  1. I love red shoes (and pink and turquoise)! No matter how traditionally I am dressed, I have this inner need to let my personality show in my shoes and socks.
    When Girlie was little, she spent her fourth winter in purple puddle boots or red sequined Dorothy shoes, , without exception! Your children are too adorable…loved the reunion pics!

    I am all for the inner self expression. 🙂 Thanks for the compliments..they really love the reunion as they get to be with all of their cousins and they have a great time no matter what.

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