The Last Few Days

Woohoo, it feels good to be back. We just returned home from joining dh on his trip to Durham, NC. I like Durham, I have even tried to convince hubby to move to Durham but he has no plans to do such a thing. As a SAHM, I must admit that I love when hubby has trips because they are mini vacations for us. ๐Ÿ˜€

When we went to Durham in May, we stayed at The Wingate Inn which is owned by Wyndham. Nice place, nothing to shout from the rooftops about but hey, it had a nice FREE continental breakfast and FREE wireless access in the room. This time, hubby says we are at the Doubletree, you know owned by The Hilton Family (no Paris jokes here). We stayed at a very nice Doubletree in Charleston last year so I was looking forward to some good service and accomodations. NOT!!!!!

We arrive and they are in the process of renovating the 2nd floor – major renovations going on here – so our first room is on the 3rd floor (yes, 1 floor above the renovations). Okay say it with me – noxious fumes. Good job, class…we move to the 5th floor and no fumes – thank God. Rooms are nice and spacious and we settle in for the evening.

My parents joined us on this adventure. My mom has journeyed to Durham twice so this was her third trip and my dad’s first. He can be a homebody or as we all joke – he doesn’t like to leave the Ponderosa. We do breakfast at the Waffle House (not the best Waffle House that I have eaten at but ds enjoyed his waffle). We go to super Wal-Mart and to the Goodwill Thrift Store. Yes, I journey across several states to check out thrift stores and found some nice items. ๐Ÿ™‚

Back at the hotel, we decide to hit the pool. Ewww, there are leaves in it and the filters do not appear to work, inform staff who nonchalantly say they will send someone out. Of course, kids do not mind the leaves, insects and other items drifting in the pool, that is just a mommy issue. We meet a nice family from Cincinnati (thought that was funny being that we just returned from there) and her boys are close in age to my kids so they are having a ball in the pool. She and I are pushing debris away from them. Guy comes out and skims pool and we enjoy the water, still the filters are not working. Next day, same issue except the exceptional hotel staff wait until we are all out of the pool to clean – boy, the customer service is awesome.

Besides the noxious fumes and the pool, I had real issues with the fact that wifi was only available in the hotel lobby if you wanted access via ethernet cord (gasp!) in your room, you had to pay $10 for a period that would last you from 12 noon (1st day) to 12 noon (next day). Mind you the America’s Best Value across the street had free wifi in all rooms. If the little guy can do it why doesn’t the big guy do it???????? I refused to pay for in room access and I refused to sit in the lobby so I just went without the computer being that the business center had just 1 computer.

This was not a small hotel so I was pretty surprised at the lack of attention to some key details. They spoke of catering to business travelers and the like but no wifi in the rooms. I was reminded of how far behind we can be when I read about how our net access is behind other industrialized nations in the free USA Today that they did deliver to the room. A lot of thoughts crossed my mind about this topic but we head out tomorrow for our family reunion and I do need to do some laundry and the like so those comments may have to wait a few days.

I missed my regular readers and reads so I will be catching up tonight in between laundry and the like.


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  1. My husband has found the same internet experiences to be true. He may stay at a luxurious hotel for one job in which wifi is an additional $15/day, or for another job stay at a Motel 6 with free wifi. Doesn’t make sense.

    We’ve just arrived home as well and are doing laundry catch up. Enjoy!

    It is truly mind boggling. I was wondering if my expectations were too high but I concluded they are not and when I asked at the Doubletree she tried to give me a strange explanation about the concrete and the like and so I asked if the rooms they were totally revamping would have wifi, she said no. I couldn’t let that slide, so I asked about the renovations and they are major yet they are not looking to upgrade to wife….huh! I just shook my head.

    I have done 3 loads of laundry that is enough to put a dent in what we had as well as get us through our family reunion and Monday will bring more laundry upon our return. ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. “I like Durham, I have even tried to convince hubby to move to Durham but he has no plans to do such a thing.”

    Umm, which part of Durham were you in. I have drive through that whole county, and can’t say there is much there that looks in anyway appealing. Seems to be a home of two extremes, rich doctors and ghettos.


    I have lived in DC and Baltimore and now the suburbs of DC so just about everything to me is a contrast in extremes. I have primarily stayed in hotels near RTP while in Durham and have ventured to Brier Creek for shopping and downtown Durham for the Museum of Life and Science. To me, it looks like most of the areas that I have lived in or have seen in that you will always have those that have more and those that have less.

  3. You should write a letter to the hotel headquarters–you may get a voucher for a night or two (at a DIFFERENT Doubletree, of course!)

    A different location would be a must. ๐Ÿ™‚ My hubby received a survey today to complete online so he sent it to me and I plan to do that tonight and if the questions do not adequately cover my concerns, I will follow up with a letter. During our family reunion, the service was stellar, so maybe the staff from Doubletree should head to the mountains to learn customer service skills.

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