Blessed and Oh So Thankful

I am blessed and oh so thankful!!! Yesterday, I took notice of some of the things that happen in my day that I may often overlook. I awoke and it was my hubby’s day off so we were all together as I prepared some fresh bacon from the Amish market and his favorite eggs. The kids ate cereal and after breakfast there was no hustle and bustle to get out of the house. That is something to truly be thankful for and I am.

My van needed to go into the shop because on our way back from Ohio we noticed she had a little shimmy shimmy cocoa pop going on when using the brakes on the mountain. God saw fit to bless us to make it home without any problems so hubby was handling that but before we took her to the shop we wanted to take our boat to get a summer check-up before putting her in the water. Hubby took the pick-up to get the boat and he had some brake and muffler issues. His brake line (left) had a leak so of course that took priority so that went to the shop first.

The pick-up had to be left at the shop and then we had to take the van. I am thankful to God for 3 vehicles because we still have transportation. It was a nice feeling leaving the repair place last night all in one car and waking up this morning with noone able to get up and go in their own direction as with 1 car, there is a lot of consideration and humility being extended. 🙂

Having 1 car made me think about how often we are going in different directions. Constantly on the move doing this, that and the other…I kind of like the simplicity that comes with 1 car. It did mean no early yard sale hopping this morning but that is okay and with my hubby’s busy schedule the 1 car thing wouldn’t last long but I am thankful that this weekend was not a busy weekend for him and God knew our needs and cleared our calendars and provided his safety and covering while we traveled in less than top shape vehicles.

There is so much to be thankful for in our everyday lives, what are you thankful for?


3 thoughts on “Blessed and Oh So Thankful”

  1. So many things:
    God, church, community, family, marriage, kids….
    house with room. back yard, pretty grass and flowers, cars, health, food, the pool, the gym, my sewing machine, wireless internet, tv, tivo 🙂 health (i had to say it again because so often we take it for granted.)… the zoo.

    Amen, amen, amen!!

  2. Glad you guys made it back ok!

    Thanks busy bee! 😀 My brakes work like a charm now, yippee!!!

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