Go west my friend

We departed on Sunday afternoon for our trip to Cincinnati (really Kentucky) as dh had a conference to attend in Cincinnati. Our journey took us through the mountains of Maryland as we journeyed west. It is such a beautiful trip and the mountains are so majestic and a wonderful reminder of how awesome God is and how His hand was involved in everything. Of course, the travel can also be difficult with all the ups and downs and ups and downs and ups and downs. 😀

Here are a few pictures of the mountains:
View of the mountians 1
View of the Mountains 3

We arrived at our hotel safe and sound and even though the trip was long (over 9 hours), the kids did great.

Today we visited the Creation Museum. What a blessing it was and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it as did my parents (they are on travel with us). I was truly amazed at the level of detail in the exhibits and how lifelike…I really could go on and on about the exhibit and just the walk it takes you through the Bible and backs it up with science. If you are ever anywhere near Northern KY, you should make it your aim to go and visit. If you are a believer, it will solidify your beliefs, and if you are not, you will see the gospel for yourself and my prayer is that you will come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

Here are 2 of the exhibits – Isaiah and Moses:


There is an exhibit on the Garden of Eden and what takes place after the fall, Noah’s Ark, and one of the most compelling was how we are all from one blood.

One Blood

More pictures are on the sidebar at Flickr and I really encourage you to visit and see for yourself. I have more to share as our trip has been cut short because dh has to return home for some important meetings on Thursday that just came up so all of my thoughts are not gathered. We will return home tomorrow so we will not be able to visit the Underground Railroad Museum.


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  1. I’ve heard nothing but good things about the Creation Musuem. What a great field trip!

    I really didn’t do the museum justice in my post due to tiredness but I hope the pictures tell the story. The place is awesome and a must see!!!!

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