Friday Fun – Dinosaurs, Blood, & Fabric

The morning started out quiet and I liked it because I was able to ease into my morning after staying up past 1 a.m. The kids are engrossed in a dinosaur puzzle that has bone pieces (not real bone) of different dinosaurs and they had just come to show me their progress and my son was quite excited by his accomplishment so he ran with enthusiasm back into the family room. Mom has a habit of barefooting it in the house and kids have been doing the same and the next thing I hear is a thud (indicative of a fall) and then there is the scream. Ya know the one that is blood curling, so I run into the family room and my son is holding his foot which is starting to bleed because it has a hole in it caused by this
TheΒ horn

The longest horn of what when completed is a triceratops had gone into his foot. Luckily the outer skin was still hanging on so I carry him upstairs to rinse and clean with peroxide and the like and began the examination of the hole and after the call to the pediatrician decide urgent care isn’t necessary because the skin is still there to cover the hole and help the healing process. Reassuring words and a band-aid later, he is walking on it and having no problems. Before dinner he had walked to the park and ran, jumped, did the sliding board and more, so I think he is just fine. πŸ™‚ I tell ya, he has bruised both knees (1 twice) and now this within the last week, raising boys is so different than girls.

I had a huge bag of clothes for the local thrift store so we took that and of course went inside…and we were pleasantly surprised with our findings, some cool vintage finds especially the Raggedy Ann and Andy pillow cutouts (to cut or not too cut, that is the question). I see a fall purse, an apron, and a skirt for daughter or who knows what, check it out:
Raggedy Ann andΒ Andy

Fall is around theΒ corner

I also found some Holly Hobby and Coca-Cola and some apples, check out the flickr pics on the side bar.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun – Dinosaurs, Blood, & Fabric”

  1. Okay, you have just become my hero with you thrift store finds. You’ve got the eye.

    I am so sorry to hear about your sons foot. My son received a puncture wound in his foot once. The pain! You must tell your son that dinosaurs are extremely ferocious.


    Thanks, the thrift hunt has been quite fruitful as of late. πŸ™‚ My son does a great T-rex roar but he just won’t accept how ferocious they really are…

  2. Wow, poor kid… boys definitely tend to get in more scrapes! Making a note to not get any of tghose sets fro Mini, she’s a klutz, who knows what kind of dmamge she could do with that.

    Hee hee, I am also a klutz and it is normally my daughter that is clumsy. πŸ˜€

  3. What a cool dinosaur skull! That’s what I thought before I real your post. I am so sorry about your little one’s foot. I still think it’s the coolest skull ever. Matt’s been going crazy about dinosaurs lately (recent trip to the museum help fuel this I think), so I’ve been trying to find good dino resources that are, ahem, in line with my personal beliefs on the subject.
    I love raggedy ann. wonder why. πŸ™‚

    It is still a pretty cool skull and both kids absolutely love the puzzle. πŸ™‚ Yes, dino resources and beliefs can be tricky. I have found some interesting items at Answers in Genesis.

  4. Hey, Nate’s got that dino skull too! Maybe we have the same set.

    Hope your ds’ foot is better. It must be quite a wound.

    Thanks, the son is doing better even though there is still some tenderness. Boys and dinosaurs πŸ™‚

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