Knitting Needle Holder for Mom

I taught my mom the basics of knitting last year and she has been officially dubbed the “washcloth queen” as she has knitted a gazillion since then with a few scarves thrown in here and there. 🙂 I wanted to give her a knitting related item to maybe encourage her beyond the washcloths, don’t get me wrong, I like the washcloths.

So, I thought about one of those cute knitting needle storage holders and I really didn’t like the ones in the store and then I saw these cute ones from Thornberry and a placemat idea from Carol Duvall.

Of course, true to my inner self, I glanced over them and had an idea in my head and that is what I was going to run with…At the thrift store, I decided to look at the place mats and saw these beautiful placemats (2) with matching dinner napkins (2) for $3.95. The embroidered flowers were worth that and more and I loved the colors so I purchased them with thoughts of what I was going to do to them when I got home.

When you have ideas in your head and no real pattern there is guaranteed to be a learning curve. 😉 For length purposes, I sewed the 2 placemats together and trying to match up the flowers was interesting but I liked the final product. I found the ribbon in my drawer as it came around a gift box and was the perfect color. For the needle storage, I used 1 of the napkins and a remnant I had from Joanne’s.

When I teach her to crochet, I would love to make her one of these.

Anyhoo, after the learning curves, here are the finished pics.

All wrapped up!

The inside

The outside


3 thoughts on “Knitting Needle Holder for Mom”

  1. It looks great! Glad that I was able to help in some small way. I’m sure that your mother will love it.
    Lara (Thornberry)


    Thanks for your contribution. 😀 My mom did like it and my dad liked it more because one or more knitting needles always seem to find his bum when he sits in my moms knitting chair. He is glad she has a better storage solution.

  2. Very cool, I don’t use straight needles anymore, but I saw something similar for dpns recently that I’d love to make… since with the new sock knitting thing, I’m sure I’m gonna acquire lots of those lol. The crochet hook one is cute too… I keep my 10000000 hooks in a long Tupperware tube… lol, not so fashionable, but they’re out of the way… mostly lol

    My mom is not ready for circular needles so straight is her preference and who needs circulars when you are just making washcloths. 🙂 She promised to branch out and she purchased a book at Michael’s on guess what…(drum roll)…more intricate washcloths. So now she has patterned washcloths. Tupperware lasts forever and it is a tube with a lid, you may start a new trend.

  3. That’s neat! I have a learning curve, too. I know she will like it!
    Love, Wardeh

    Yeah, another learning curver…we should start a club. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and keep up the inspiration on your blog.

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