The good, the bad and the ugly

Earlier this week, I mentioned how dh was having a dinner guest and I didn’t know if I was going to be more Martha Stewart or Betty Crocker. Well, I think I found a happy medium in that the food was simple but good and dh didn’t feel as if I overdid it. He did comment while washing the dishes that there were “too many dishes for 3 people.” 🙂 For dinner, we had pan seared chicken breasts and boneless/skinless thighs that I marinated and started on the stove to finish in the oven. I did the sauce with a combination of the pan juices and heavy cream. This was complimented by some broccoli, smashed potatoes, and a salad. Dd and I removed the salad bowls from the chargers and then gave the 2 gents the food and before we could return with the plates, they were already loading food on the chargers – of course, I couldn’t say anything at that point, so I did as the Romans did since I was in Rome. In the back of mind, I was like what in the world are they doing…dh later said, we weren’t suppossed to eat off of those were we…duh!!!

Table setting

I also baked my favorite pound cake from King Arthur. Here is a pic of the dc and the mixer blade.
Licking the mixer

All in all it was a good evening and our guest truly enjoyed his meal which is what you really want more than anything. After he left (after 9 p.m.), it was time to tackle the kitchen.
The aftermath

Dh did assist and we made quick work of all of the cleaning.

I did some more knitting, deciding to change the summer shawl into a purse being that it starts with the same moss stitching. Finally get to bed and was awaken at 2:43 a.m. by dh and dd as she is running a fever. Of course, if she were my ds, I would give Tylenol and go back to bed but being that she has a liver transplant due to biliary atresia, she requires me to at least get coherent to go through the scenarios. I give her some tylenol, she has some juice and vomits up the tylenol. So, a little bit more tylenol and then I lay with her in her bed. She is babbling like a brook about all kinds of stuff. The blinds in her room are open and she asks if this bright light is a plane that is stuck – I had to laugh. She falls asleep and wakes up and says “Mommy, I told you it was a plane, it is gone now.” Of course, I had to explain that the clouds had rolled in and covered the stars. Back to sleep she goes only to wake up wanting to sing the numbes 1-20 and tried to sing more but I told her to go to bed.

This morning, she still has a fever, has some tylenol, some toast and tells me she wants to go to bed. It is interesting when the kids can communicate to you what they want to do instead of you just trying to figure out the proper comfort measure. So, she goes back to sleep and wakes up feeling good and has been doing good all day. I did call her dr. and I just need to treat her symptoms. I don’t go off the deep end over fevers but in light of her visit with her transplant doctors the other day and they shared that they are thinking of a controlled group study to completely wean some kids (including her) from immunosuppressant meds that I just felt the devil was working on my thoughts.

So, there you have the good, the bad, and the ugly.


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