Quilt update – why can't I just be simple

The quilt, the quilt, the quilt…..I am upping my domestic divaness quotient and enjoying me again so I take on the project of making a patchwork quilt for the kiddies and I to sit on at the park/beach. All of this seems quite simple in theory but that is where the simplicity ends being that I have a habit of taking things to the next level. πŸ˜‰ I went to Joann’s to get the material as when I embark upon whimsy projects, I need to have it and have it quickly. After dental appointment, I run to Michael’s to browse and use the 40% coupon that was searing a hole in my purse and pick up a rotary cutter and board to assist in the quilt making. Lay out materials for inspiration and then commence to cutting…I cut squares, rectangles and even felt inspired to do some triangles. What in the world?????!!!! I then begin patching my quilt together (mind you I have not read anything on making a quilt because I just felt like I would just do this whimsy project). Note – never watch do-it-yourself projects with me as I will have you feeling that we can build a deck, cement house or anything else that is currently showing.

After I laid out several pieces I realized that I had created a jigsaw puzzle of fabric and sewing was going to prove interesting. Obviously, I like to dine at the buffet table of “biting off more than I can chew” however, my stubborn (read determined) self will not admit such and I resolve to finishing this project. I sewed about a 1/4 of the blanket together and will rethink the layout of the remainder to avoid lunacy.

I should have known better being that my foray into sewing began when I was about 19 and had to go to my cousin’s wedding and couldn’t find the perfect dress. I took a slip that I liked and decided to make a slip dress and went to the store and purchased what I needed….my parents sewed (dad more than mom) and I just felt that I had the sewing gene. Dress was completed in a few hours with help from dad on zipper and off I went to the wedding (received tons of compliments). An overachieving domestic diva was born and she hasn’t been tamed yet….the story continues as I have decided that this blanket will be finished by Friday. πŸ™‚