Jeff wins again, what an awesome Mother's Day

Steam coming from engine, any moment you think the engine is just going to quit, but like the little engine that could, it made its way across the checkered line….woohoo!!!!!!

We did go to the annual Mother’s Day gathering and my dear BIL turned on the tv in the house, as we were outside, for me to watch. I wasn’t anti-social in that I would watch a few laps and then return outside. Of couse, I didn’t leave the house for the last 26 laps even when dh said they were going to start the program…at that point there were 3 laps to go and Hamlin was looking like a man on a mission and Jeff was in his target. I didn’t get to watch victory lane even though I did check out the pictures of him smoking the tires (that little engine just wouldn’t quit). 🙂

Dale did well finishing 8th and I was glad to see the distractions about his future didn’t deter him and his team from putting on a fine race. In the beginning, I just knew that he was someone to reckon with the way his car was moving around the track.

All in all a fine racing day and a nice Mother’s Day.