Jr. is leaving DEI

Here is the article from Nascar.com. I really was praying that they would work things out and they he could gain the 51% ownership that I think his father would have wanted but he is leaving at the end of 2007. Now the question becomes, where does he go:

1) Childress wants him and could use him
2) Gibbs would definitely take him and what a team that would be with Stewart and Hamlin
3) JR Motorsports could do his own thing with engines from Hendrick or Childress.

Of course, if I had my wishes he would go to Hendrick with Jeff ๐Ÿ™‚ but that stable is full.

Now to watch the rest of the season and how he and his crew perform and what will become of DEI?


2 thoughts on “Jr. is leaving DEI”

  1. I heard about this yesterday and thought about you. Was there some sort of shake-up or is he just spreading his racing wings?

  2. Spreading his racing wings. Competitors need to compete and he couldn’t really complete well where he was so he is going elsewhere and based on the news from yesterday, he is going to keep everyone on pins and needles about the who, what, when, where, why and how of all of it.

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