Feeding my inner domestic diva

With everything that has been going on, I have come out of balance and that is really at the crux of my issues as of late. I have thrown a lot of my time and energy into organizing school for next year – not a bad thing but it didn’t need to be the obsessive compulsive thing that I made it out to be. Time that I would normally spend doing some things that I like, I haven’t been doing because of x, y, and z. In the end, I stopped feeding my inner domestic diva and I have a tendency to do this and always vow to not do it again. I was reminded of the importance of me in all of this when I read Mother Crone’s post today.

I am not advocating selfishness but the old adage about nobody being happy if momma isn’t happy rings true. Mothers often serve as the glue that holds everyone and everything together and she needs to take the time to pursue her interests and delights to refuel and refill her stickiness quotient if she is going to continue holding everyone and everything together.

A few weeks ago, my knitting muse returned enough to make me start a project but it wasn’t that thing that I really wanted to work on it was more like I needed something to jumpstart me. However, I am a crafty gal and I need to strike that balance again within my life. I haven’t made any jewerly, did any sewing, paper crafts, baking, or anything in quite some time. I had to go back through some pictures for inspiration and a reminder of my need for balance as I am very kinetic by nature and need to be doing something at most all times.

I am going to share some pics from ds’ birthday – dinosaur themed cake and some items from my pre-Christmas craft bazaar that I held at my house and sold almost all of my work. Since I blog almost daily, these pics will serve as my daily reminder to go get my craft on. After the dc wake from their nap we are heading to the craft store as I would like to make us a patchwork quilt blanket for our outdoor times at the park…stay tuned.

dsc00980.jpg dsc00920.jpg dsc00895.jpg dsc00918.jpg


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  1. So glad to hear you are gonna take care of Mama! I can so relate to getting obsessive-compulsive about planning..it is too easy to do!

    Can’t wait to see the new crafts. Girlie and I made a patchwork quilt a few weeks ago…and it was so relaxing!

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