Jeff places 4th

Excitement had been building for me for almost a week as I live not that far from Richmond and in my subconcious female mind, I kept sending telegraphic messages to my husband that I wanted to go to the race. We were on travel and I saw the rigs heading to Richmond (NASCAR on Speed, Ricky Rudd, David Gilliland) and since I have my dc pumped they were excited when the Rudd and Gilliland rigs pulled into our rest stop or maybe it was the big snickers and m&m’s, at any rate, I was still pumped. Of course, on our way back home when dh drove past the exit for Richmond, I figured, he hadn’t go my messages. 🙂 Nonetheless, it was raining lightly and I just wanted to get home and the rain to stop. I arrived home but the rain didn’t stop.

Sunday comes and it is sunny, so after church and quick stop at the golden arches for lunch we head home to watch the race. Rats, dh made those eye appointments for today, no biggie that shouldn’t take long. Go to eye appointments, pick glasses for dh and I and yes this takes much longer than expected. Call dad on way home and he says there are 66 laps and Jeff is in 3rd. I drive like Jeff through traffic to get home to 33 laps and then a caution and then some okay racing to the end. I don’t have many other comments being that I missed most of the race. Of course, I prefer 1st to 4th but top of the points standings isn’t too bad.

This Saturday we have to go to a wedding (reaffirmation of vows) but we are not going to the reception so I will watch the race…go Jeff!