Dry and Thirsty

Psalm 63:1 – O God, You are my God; I shall seek You earnestly; My soul thirsts for You, my flesh yearns for You, In a dry and weary land where there is no water.

I was able to get up this morning, not at the exact moment of the alarms but I did wake up and I was able to spend time in God’s word. I continue to seek Him earnestly and early (literal translation of earnestly). Are you seeking God with your whole heart?

When I read that my soul thirsts for God all I could think of was that moment after physical activity (walking, running, kickboxing, playing with the kids, etc.) and your body needs some replenishment and the only thing that fits the bill is water. Are you allowing God to quench your thirst?

The verse continues with our flesh yearning for God. When I think of yearning, I think of cravings and I often have cravings for chocolate. Not just any kind of chocolate, dark chocolate preferably with a nice smooth texture and an added bonus is caramel, mint, or coconut. I really like those dark chocolate truffles from Lindt with the mint inside and by the way my favorite ice cream is chocolate chip mint. Yummy!!!

I have had lots of chocolate in my day and when I yearn for it, get it, and eat it, I get a tingly feeling all over because my yearning/craving has been satisfied. Are you allowing God to satisfy your yearnings?

Life has a tendency to take us from a place of plenty to much less than plenty. David talked about being in a dry and weary land where there is no water – not exactly the place at the top of our vacation lists. Yet when we look around at the world it is quickly becoming a dry and weary land without water. The water is Christ and our land is removing Him day by day to place of non-relevance. Instead of realizing that He is our God, that we should seek Him earnestly and early, that He created us in His image so our souls thirst for Him, we let the world tell us that all the answers/power we need is inside of us, we just need to think positive thoughts (a la Oprah), that we evolved from primates and once you die, you die. No wonder our children lack a sense of purpose and direction and adults are in a never ending rat race – at some point we have to stop and realize that God is our God and we must seek Him earnestly and early because He made us and like a child always wants his parents, we (our soul and flesh) always wants our Daddy. Go to your Daddy today and seek Him earnestly and be quenched of your thirst and have your yearnings satisfied.