Monday books

This morning we are doing a relaxed abbreviated school day as we have to get some packing done and other things to venture out of town with dh. DD will do some reading later via Starfall and some copywork and a math worksheet.

Today we read, If you want to see a caribou. Good book about what one has to do (travel via boat, look for certain signs, sit quietly, etc.) in order to see a caribou. Also, a good page at the end about the state of caribou in the U.S. and Canada and conservation efforts.

Continuing to nurture the desire to learn Spanish, we also read Counting Ovejas. As the little child heads to sleep he counts sheep so the book counts from 1 to 10 and also covers colors even turquoise or turquesa. The kids enjoyed it and we continued our work on pronunciation. Very gentle introduction and nice artwork.


Yummy meatloaf

I made this last week and keep forgetting to post it…we do not eat beef or pork (except for the occasional bacon/sausage) so this is a turkey meatloaf recipe. I had taken the turkey out and forgot that I didn’t have any eggs so I was wondering about my binding agent and I am known for throwing stuff together and hoping/praying that it comes out well. 🙂

Ingredients were:
ground turkey
bread crumbs
mustard (spicy brown)
dried onion flakes
season salt
can of tomato condensed soup
ritz crackers

I never used the tomato soup nor the crackers but I tell you even my picky eater (ds) loved this meatloaf and asked if there were leftovers, once informed that there were, he asked to eat some the next day and he did. I would give measurements but unless I am baking, I do not measure much – do it to taste and based upon how much meat you use. Bake at 400 until finished and top with ketchup halfway through baking.