Jeff wins again, breaks record

After church, I came home and after heating up leftover Pizza Hut,my ds and I settled into the chair to watch NASCAR. Dh and dd came home and we were all watching until dh wanted to go to For Eyes for new glasses. I was okay with that because I knew the race would be on for several hours. Well, we leave For Eyes and we go by a house for sale and then to my BIL. BIL and DH decide to go out on the horses and do some trail riding (BIL has 50+ acres) and I go inside as this is the first tv that I have been able to get to and the race is over and I see Jeff in Victory Lane.

😦 😦

Sad because I missed it, not because he won. So, I have read the updates and I am glad that he won and really sorry that he had to endure the can throwing at the end. Dale Sr. was an awesome driver and I do not think that he would have approved such a response as he did have class.

I have been dropping hints to dh about Richmond but I don’t think I will make it to the race so I will be in front of the TV and not on an adventure.