The Joy of Discovery

For the record, I am not a fan of anything that creeps and crawls. In my house, I am known as the bug killer because if it is moving and I see it, I am going to kill it. Things that creep and crawl belong outside and if they venture inside, they surely are risking life and limb. All of that said, I do not want to pass on any issues that I have with *outside* creepy crawlies to my dc.

Today, we were working in the yard as we had mulch in the back of the pickup for almost a week now so I thought I would help dh with some yard work. Mind you, our original agreement was him-outside, me-inside but in the ebb and flow of marriage things change and we have a nice balance. I pick up the hoe (no Imus jokes) and start to cultivate the areas around certain trees and the like for him to later add mulch…you know, get up the grass, weeds, and the like. In the course of my hoeing (is that a word) I start seeing creepy crawlies and instead of screaming (can’t do that the kids are around), I invite them over in my most enthusiastic rush you don’t want to miss this voice and we examine the worms, ants, spiders and the like that are coming out of the freshly turned up earth.

Well, I decided that there was one area that had stuff growing that was just out of control so I took the hoe and went to work and I am pulling out all kinds of weeds and roots and of course more worms and other creatures. I found fat juicy worms and skinny worms, red worms, white worms, hard shell bugs, and other stuff. I take the worms out for the kids with my gloved hand and they are playing with them and watching them make their way across the driveway. Dh lifts up one of the pavers and of course that is a treasure trove (think Timon and Pumba from the Lion King). We examine all of the life underneath. Ds starts to pick up worms with his bare hands which is quite amazing as he is not one for insects/bugs.

At one point, dh is not paying attention and steps on part of “fat juicy” – that was the name given by ds. He is really concerned that dh has killed the worm, so I share with him about regeneration of the worms body and yada yada yada and fat juicy starts crawling again much to the delight of ds. The birds are chirping a lot now in the nearby trees and I told him that the birds are asking when he is going in the house so they can eat the worms so dd yells to the birds that they can come eat now if they want to and she climbs back in the pickup.

I came to the conclusion that while I am not particularly fond of said creatures that I was able to discover and observe with an open mind and I actually started to look for worms while working especially ones that were different than those that I had already pulled out. Now, we are going to get a magnifying glass and later a microscope as I am all for dissection. 😉