The Joy of Discovery

For the record, I am not a fan of anything that creeps and crawls. In my house, I am known as the bug killer because if it is moving and I see it, I am going to kill it. Things that creep and crawl belong outside and if they venture inside, they surely are risking life and limb. All of that said, I do not want to pass on any issues that I have with *outside* creepy crawlies to my dc.

Today, we were working in the yard as we had mulch in the back of the pickup for almost a week now so I thought I would help dh with some yard work. Mind you, our original agreement was him-outside, me-inside but in the ebb and flow of marriage things change and we have a nice balance. I pick up the hoe (no Imus jokes) and start to cultivate the areas around certain trees and the like for him to later add mulch…you know, get up the grass, weeds, and the like. In the course of my hoeing (is that a word) I start seeing creepy crawlies and instead of screaming (can’t do that the kids are around), I invite them over in my most enthusiastic rush you don’t want to miss this voice and we examine the worms, ants, spiders and the like that are coming out of the freshly turned up earth.

Well, I decided that there was one area that had stuff growing that was just out of control so I took the hoe and went to work and I am pulling out all kinds of weeds and roots and of course more worms and other creatures. I found fat juicy worms and skinny worms, red worms, white worms, hard shell bugs, and other stuff. I take the worms out for the kids with my gloved hand and they are playing with them and watching them make their way across the driveway. Dh lifts up one of the pavers and of course that is a treasure trove (think Timon and Pumba from the Lion King). We examine all of the life underneath. Ds starts to pick up worms with his bare hands which is quite amazing as he is not one for insects/bugs.

At one point, dh is not paying attention and steps on part of “fat juicy” – that was the name given by ds. He is really concerned that dh has killed the worm, so I share with him about regeneration of the worms body and yada yada yada and fat juicy starts crawling again much to the delight of ds. The birds are chirping a lot now in the nearby trees and I told him that the birds are asking when he is going in the house so they can eat the worms so dd yells to the birds that they can come eat now if they want to and she climbs back in the pickup.

I came to the conclusion that while I am not particularly fond of said creatures that I was able to discover and observe with an open mind and I actually started to look for worms while working especially ones that were different than those that I had already pulled out. Now, we are going to get a magnifying glass and later a microscope as I am all for dissection. 😉


Skip, skip, skip to my Lou

Today we introduced skip counting and the fine art of skipping. Ds is still working on the fine art of skipping being that he is fixated with hopping on 1 foot at the present time.

So, we started reading the numbers off of the skip counting timelines that I made, we did 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s. And then we re-read Spunky Monkeys on Parade. What child doesn’t like the spunky monkey series??? This book skip counts the monkeys in the parade by 2’s, 3’s, 4’s as they do different parts of a parade. Dc are bright enough to figure out that skip counting takes less time especially when you take them through counting each monkey in the 3’s and 4’s. 🙂


The next book was Arctic Fives Arrive. This is a 5’s skip counting book about some arctic animals that all arrive atop of an iceberg to watch the Northern Lights. I did inform them that we are not going to Alaska anytime soon to check that out even though I do miss that show Men in Trees. I love this book and not just because it was $.25 at the library book sale…okay that does influence me just a bit.


The third book was Count Your Chickens. I really thought that this book was hokie but the kids liked it…to me it is a bit dated in the picture department but there is some variety with people, birds, and livestock. It skip counts 2’s, 3’s, 5’s and 10’s.


There are a few more selections that we will do on Monday and probably take with on travel next week as we accompany dh for work.

Dd didn’t consider the skip counting fully doing math as she wanted a worksheet to complete but when presented with the option of doing one she opted to do “1” worksheet tomorrow on Saturday. I chuckled but if she really wants to do one tomorrow, I will not stand in her way.

We continued our McGuffey readers and copywork and with dh being home today when he came in from some morning errands he sat in and of course at that moment, dd couldn’t remember anything. Once again, I chuckled as I know she knows the stuff and once she shook the sillies out and stopped trying to perform for daddy, she got back to business. She is one for detours.

We also had science later in the day while we doing some yard work but that post will be later.

God in the morning, Day 2

Okay, I actually got out of the bed this morning right after my 2nd alarm. I grabbed my Bible, which was right next to the bed, and headed off. The kids were still sleep which was odd but dh is home today so it could be that as normally he would have went and prayed with them thus they would wake up. I was able to read/meditate/pray over Romans 12:1-2.

Okay, this is my accountability area as I was up 2 days in a row…yahoo!!!!

Presentation, Transformation and Renewal

Romans 12:1-2 – Therefore I urge you, brethren, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies a living and holy sacrifice, acceptable to God, which is your spiritual service of worship. And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.

Over the last few days, I have been a part of several conversations concerning young girls, modesty and boys. At the conclusion of these conversations, I was left wondering – where are the parents????

Romans 12 says we are to present our bodies as a living and holy sacrifice. Everyday we should present our bodies to God but we present them to the world in unflattering ways:

1) the foods we eat/lack of exercise – the obesity rates in the country for children and adults can and should be changed. We need to advocate for healthier foods, physical education back in the schools and the lives of Americans, and better health care. As a family, turn the tv off and get outside and do something. Stop the trips to McDonalds and other fast food joints and plan healthy meals at home that are eaten as a family. Contact your political representatives about our less than stellar health care system – just because you have insurance doesn’t mean that others do and aren’t we better off if everyone does…be your brother’s keeper.

2) what we wear – Parents take the time to find age appropriate clothing for your children, especially your daughters. What is the rush to have them at ages under 10 to be little women. If this is an area in which you struggle, seek help. Many major department stores have personal shoppers that are capable of helping you determine age appropriate attire for yourself so that your daughters have a role model besides scantily clad celebrities and Victoria’s Secret models. Watch TLC’s “What not to Wear” as they are not necessarily modesty advocates but they do have some good basic rules as to how a woman should present herself in an age appropriate fashion.

3) what we do to our bodies – watching basketball games is enjoyed by dh and the dc are amazed at how many men have tattoos – “Mommy, he has drawings all over his arms” and that is from the 3 yo. Tattoos and piercings are not examples of presenting our bodies and living and holy sacrifices – they are examples of presenting our bodies full of marks and holes and not the kind that Jesus endured on our behalf. I used to have a pierced tongue trying to fit in and be like some people I was hanging with and when God started speaking to my heart, it had to go. I was tempted to get a tattoo as well but I don’t like the thought of needles pricking my skin – probably will never try acupuncture either. Nonetheless those that I know with tattoos talk about the addictive nature of the process, you can’t stop at just one and therefore tattoos, just like smoking, become false gods. Are you willing to give up the false gods in your life?

Romans 12 goes on to say that we should not transform to this world. Now this is where things can get complicated being that the divorce rate for Christians is higher than non-Christians and there is often no distinguishable difference between a Christian and a non-Christian. However; Christians are not suppossed to fit in/transform to this world, we are set apart and need to embrace that we are different. Walk in your differences!

Lastly, Romans 12 encourages us to renew our minds – are you renewing your mind with daily doses of God’s Word? Do you have family devotions? Set aside time for your dc that can read to spend time in God’s Word? As parents, we need to make sure that God’s Word is hidden in their hearts so they can have a renewed mind that will not fall victim to society’s ideas of popularity, beauty, success, etc. It is not enough to send your child (and yourself) to church without nurturing the development of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. If you and your children do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ, who/what will you have a personal relationship with?

Our presentation, transformation and renewal show proof to others what the will of God is and it displays an alternative that is needed in our me first, body conscious, hypersexualized society.