So, you’re thinking of homeschooling?

Whatever has led you to that conclusion, take some time to do your own research. Taking responsibility for your child (ren’s) education is a serious undertaking and should not be done lightly. There is a lot of information out there on styles and this and that, but in the end you know you best and you know your children best. If you decide to homeschool, do not do your child (ren) a disservice by being uninvolved, and just thinking that they will be okay by being home versus being in a school setting (public, private, charter, etc.).

Develop your homeschooling philosophy/foundation and stick to it. Do not be swayed by this program/curriculum only to purchase it and find it not to be for you, check it against your philosphy/foundation. Read, read, read and keep reading as you are never to old to learn and you need to learn if you are going to provide instruction to your children.

Now that I have said all of this, here are some great books to help with your philosophy/foundation development:

A Biblical Home Education by Ruth Beechick

For The Children’s Sake by Susan Schaeffer Macaulay

Very good books, if you are seeking a Biblical foundation for your homeschool.


Presidential Candidates – is it me??

Or do none of them have *it*…None of the Republicans impress me and for awhile I thought that Obama was interesting but his performance in the debate leaves me wondering about style over substance. I will admit that Sen. Gravel had some great zingers and you have to love someone with nothing to lose as they are capable of saying anything.

Other than that, I was less than impressed with their responses to just about everything and I just feel like is this (both R’s and D’s) the best that we have to offer???

God in the morning, devil the rest of the morning and afternoon

Okay, so I did start the day with devotion, Bible reading and prayer. As always one gets quite pumped after this but then comes the stuff that makes you walk the walk you talk. Dd wanted to have a homeschool reading meltdown over the word nag (in the horse sense) and ds decided that he would throw a tantrum over a cookie from Starbuck’s. I tell ya!!!!!

Why does that always happen…hear a good sermon at church and leave church fussing with your spouse? Kids act crazy? Family/friends flip their lids? I tell ya!!!! 😉

I am praying that the evening will bring much different dispositions and attitudes.

Thursday books and stuff

This morning we read Brian’s Bird by Patricia A. Davis. A delightful book about a young boy that is blind and receives a parakeet for his birthday. I had the kids close their eyes for the reading of the book and then narrate back what they heard which was interesting because they realized that not being able to see the pictures that they really had to listen. Afterwards, with eyes closed, I led them to various objects in the house and they had to feel them and tell me what they were. Ds was trying to peek the entire time, but dd did quite well. Ds concluded that he does like to see and he hopes God never takes his eyes (Brian could see some when he was 4-5 but then lost his sight completely). I am going to try to do a project with the Braille alphabet but this weekend is looking a bit crazy but I am going to try if not we may have to check this one out again. A good read.

We also read From Me to You by Anthony France. A rat receives an anonymous letter that serves as a spark for him to get out of his ‘bathrobe blues’ and he sets off to find out who wrote the letter and along the way realizes that he has neglected his friends and is being selfish as he seeks the author of the letter. He also encounters his friend Bat that is also having the bathrobe blues and he encourages him the same way he was encouraged via a letter. In the midst of expecting friendship you have to show yourself friendly (can’t recall the Scripture reference). This book served more as a reminder to me than the kids. 🙂

DD did great with her addition facts and her copywork is looking good. We did the next 5 lessons in the McGuffey reader and ds and I started short vowel e words.

We still need to do 2 chapters of the Charlotte’s Web audio book if we are ever going to watch the movie.

Mornings with God

I go through a cycle where I begin waking up early to spend my mornings in prayer and to commune with God and then I fall off the wagon. Lately, some things have been bringing this back to my front burner…conversations on the TWTM message boards about getting up early, a post by Michelle, and yesterday’s Proverbs 31 devotion.

This morning the alarm went off twice as I do not do the snooze thing I just set it at different times. DD was already wide awake and as she and dh and I prayed I thought to myself that I am going to get up. Dh left for work and the ds came into my room. I just got out of the bed at that moment and I told the dc that I was going to read my Bible and for them to go play quietly. I closed the bedroom door and then I began to read Mark 1:35 and some other verses about prayer. I was interrupted twice by the dc but I had a chat afterwards about mommy’s closed door and we will see what tomorrow brings. 🙂

Slip away for Prayer

Do you slip away for prayer? Do you seek that quiet and secluded place that you can commune with God?

Mark 1:35 – In the early morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went away to a secluded place, and was praying there.

Jesus, while it was still dark, went to pray. I have problems in the morning with getting out of the bed. I have never been a morning person even as a child. However, I have been struggling with a desire to spend more time in the morning going before the Lord before my day gets started.

Jesus went while it was still dark, that means He really got up early. Not only did He get up early, He had a habit of slipping away to pray as we see in Luke 5:16 – But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray. In the midst of our day, we too need to slip away to pray so that we will have the strength needed to continue with our day and to approach things in a manner that is pleasing to God.

Luke 6:12 tells us that It was at this time that He went off to the mountain to pray, and He spent the whole night in prayer to God. Jesus, even though He was the Son of God, found it necessary to go to the mountain and spend the entire night in prayer. Time is a hot commodity in our day and time, would you be willing to give an entire night to God in prayer? Prayer over those things that are troubling you and have been troubling you that you see no hope, give it to God in prayer.

Prayer is an important and necessary component of our Christian life and from Jesus’ example, we see:

1) we should get up early to pray;
2) we should slip away to pray;
3) we should take the time to spend the night in prayer.

My prayer is that you will make it a priorit to get up early to pray, slip away to pray, and spend the night in prayer.

Be blessed and be prayerful!