Hillary, Hip-Hop, and Imus

I really was over the Imus thing yet today’s perusal of the Washington Post had me to revisit the insanity. It appears that Sen. Clinton who called Imus’ remarks “small-minded bigotry and coarse sexism” has just received $800,000 from a fundraiser hosted by hip-hop artist Timbaland. Her husband accompanied her to the fundraiser in Florida and entry was $1,000 for guests. So, what is my problem – I know that Barack is pulling in more money than she hoped, but sinking to such a low to have a fundraiser hosted by an artist that regularly uses the language that was deemed impermissible by Imus?????? Why????? At the end of the day, the only real color that matters is GREEN and this is yet another example of pot and kettle (ism).


Do you go to church?

Found this interesting article last week but have just found time to write about it. The fact of the matter is that this phenomenon of not attending church is not limited to Hispanics that come to America. I, like many others, was raised in the church yet during/after college, I no longer regularly attended and it was not a priority for me. Thank God that even though I drifted He was where he always was so I did come back in my late 20’s. Of course, now that I am married and have children, our attendance and participation in church is a key part of our lives.

Several reasons are given as to why the need for religion is not needed once arriving in America – primarily our materialistic culture. Our culture influences the world, is this really the influence that we should yield?

Library Book Sale – I am in love

Since college, I have been a fan of used book stores primarily because I was on a budget and I loved to read and also I think I like to ‘have’ things on hand…just-in-case but more on my shopping issues later. 🙂

Today was the local library book sale and I went to check it out without the dc and I am in love….I spent $16.50 and came home with some great finds:

1) Paradise Lost and Other Poems and a book of Walt Whitman poems
2) book of Shakespeare
3) Gone With the Wind
4) Ton of great readers for the kids even a book explaining the end of Dinosaurs according to the Bible
5) Kingfisher Children’s Encylopedia
6) Anne Gable (3 in 1)
7) Animal Farm and Plato’s Republic (didn’t keep my high school and college copies)
8) Children’s World Atlas
9) 2 great math related readers for the kids that the library didn’t even have in its collection (God is so good!!)
10) about 5 Magic School Bus books
11) 3 Dr. Seuss books
12) Anne Frank
13) Rhyming Bible and Bedtime Bible stories
14) more than I can remember right now!!!

All children’s books and children related books were $.25 yes even the big encyclopedia was a quarter. Adult books were $.50 so I was and still am a very happy camper right now.