My 1st Homeschool Curriculum Fair

Well, good plans are made to be changed…I had planned to attend the homeschool curriculum fair on Saturday but changed my mind and went today. It was approximately 1 hour from my house so I left early because Friday rush hour starts at about 12 noon around here. My mom came with me as I did have the dc being the dh is at the men’s retreat. I was pretty excited about attending my 1st curriculum fair…I had my list of what I wanted to buy, what I wanted to look at and purchase if the price was right, and I had my checkbook. 🙂

Well, we arrived and the place was already quite packed. My mom was like “wow, there are a lot of cars here.” There was a Mason-Dixon knife show at the location but it is fair to say that the majority of people were there for the curriculum fair. 😉 After entry, I made my way to a map to jot down locations of my must visits – Math-U-See and Rainbow Resource. Okay, now off to shopping. Purchased the Alpha curriculum for dd math and the completer set of blocks. Had on my list the skip counting cd but forget to purchase it in all of my excitement and did not realize it until I got home..kinda bummed but I moved on. Also purchased the Usborne Internet-linked History and Science Encylopedias. A few other items – Aesop’s fables, Charlotte’s Web, Aladdin story reader, writing pads for dd penmanship, a shapes thinking game, and 2 maze books.

I was able to check out SOTW and was tempted to purchase but will wait until 1st grade. Looked at First Language Lessons and do not think I will need this until Novemeber-December so I will order when that time approaches. Of course there were more goodies than you can shake a stick at but I have resolved myself that I will not purchase a lot of curriculum to keep up with the Joneses but I will purchase what I have researched and prayed over with dh.

The kids held up well even though it was quite a bit warm and having mom was a blessing. All in all, I feel that I am good to go and will finish designing a few unit studies for history/science and we will go from there. I also discovered a decent used bookstore on the way home from my parents where I picked up The Trumpet Swan, Stuart Little, a Bill Peet book and a few other items. I will definitely add it to my rotation and tomorrow is the library sale. Yippee!!


Church Roadside signs

I always love to read the signs that churches place near the road. I am convinced that some of the best one-liners can be found on a church roadside sign. As I was driving today, I saw two signs that I had to write down and share:

1) Get right or get left; and
2) Anger is one letter away from Danger.

So, what did I learn today – that I need to get my life right according to God or I am going to get left when He returns and avoid anger as it only leads to danger.