What are we doing

I try not to introduce new material (except Scripture memory verse) on Mondays so that the weekend cobwebs can be cleaned out of all of our heads. DD started the day with some listening issues so I phoned the Chancellor (dh) for him to have a chat with her to avoid any future meltdowns in my day.

Tuesday is our day for new material introduction. After doing our scripture/devotion, we read our first story, How Much is a million A fun read about really big numbers (million, billion and trillion).

Then since dd was beginning her Addition +1 in MUS, we read Animals on Board.
An addition book of animals that covers some basic addition and is engaging because my children love animals. I do reading of these books with both and ds (3) and then we do narration at the end. There are a few other books by the author that we have reserved from the library that deal with addition so they will be shared in the upcoming week.

We also read a book about dealing with fear from Focus on the Family – Harmony’s Hullabaloo at the Zoo. That was a purchase from Monday’s visit to the local thrift store. Due to the high winds there were some power outages in the area but when we arrived at the thrift store, everything was okay, so we thought, we were not inside 5 minutes before the power went off. I started looking in the semi-darkness and found some great books and I overheard the manager say that they had just reopened before we arrived so I knew the power would come back on but when???? Dd prayed that the lights would come back on and they did so I continued my book shopping. I love it when God answers the innocent prayers of children. I found wonderful readers, 2 workbooks for ds, and everything was 25% off..I love bargains. I also found 2 pair of jeans, 1 skirt, and 3 blouses for moi. It was a wonderful shopping extravaganza. 😉

Today, ds started reading with some “at” words. He has known all of the letter sounds so we will see how it goes…he loves to be read to and he stares at pages as if he wishes he knew what the words were, so I asked him if he wanted to learn and he said yes.

Today after lunch, we listened to Chapters 1-2 of Charlotte’s Web on the audio cds. We purchased the dvd 2 weeks ago but we are not watching it until we have gone through the audio cds. During our library visit, I also checked out some Little Bear books on tape and a few others. Remember the kids haven’t been watching tv either since my fast and they haven’t asked to have it turned back on so we will continue filling our days with books (print and audio) and other projects.

Before retiring for bed, dd started reciting +1 addition and when she was about to say 8 + 1, ds interrupted her and shouted 8 + 1 equals 9. DD smiled her older sister smile and continued to 19 + 1 even though in her lesson today we stopped at 9 + 1….don’t you just love when they show you that they get it.