Yesterday was race day

Okay, so Jeff was looking really good yesterday and I was pretty sure that a win was on the horizon. Yes, top 5 finishes are great but let’s be honest, a #1 finish is better. 😉

So, I actully took a nap during the race with my ds in the recliner. You can tell when parents are fans as their kids are so both of my children know Jeff’s car (and Dale’s) and they tell me anytime they hear the announcers say his name. Of course, they can also recognize that blue/silver Cowboys star but hey football season is coming. I wake up from my nap and begin to prepare dinner with 128 laps to go…things are still looking good and I am really getting excited about victory lane. Now the whole Juan Pablo & Tony thing and then the Tony, Dale and Kyle thing really bothered me but hey, Jeff wasn’t involved. My ds son calls me from the kitchen because Jeff is not in first anymore…I assure him that there is time and we can still win. Well, Jeff slips from 1st to 2nd, from 2nd to 3rd and finishes in 4th…what in the world. My chicken, rice and veggies in 1 dish had too much liquid evaporate as I couldn’t leave the tv during the last 8 laps.

Dinner was still tasty and being that yesterday was remembrance of Jackie Robinson and the 60 years that have passed since he broke the color barrier in MLB, the commentators mentioned NASCAR’s lone African-American driver, Wendell Scott. Now, if you are paying close attention during the national anthem and the like, you will notice a few people of color on the pit crews but that is the extent. After a gogole search for Wendell Scott, I found this awesome site that shares a personal story about him. A definite addition to my family’s list of who’s who and hopefully to your list as well.


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  1. Hi Southern Girl,

    I know what you mean about the lack in people of color at the races. Although there are several Latinos in a number of major racing series, they tend to be the rich white guys (who just happen to have been born in a country south of the US border.) I’m one of the few “brown” Mexican racers and I’m trying to get things together to compete in the Champ Car Atlantics this year. Hopefully I’ll be adding some color to the US race tracks. Take care.

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