Yesterday was race day

Okay, so Jeff was looking really good yesterday and I was pretty sure that a win was on the horizon. Yes, top 5 finishes are great but let’s be honest, a #1 finish is better. 😉

So, I actully took a nap during the race with my ds in the recliner. You can tell when parents are fans as their kids are so both of my children know Jeff’s car (and Dale’s) and they tell me anytime they hear the announcers say his name. Of course, they can also recognize that blue/silver Cowboys star but hey football season is coming. I wake up from my nap and begin to prepare dinner with 128 laps to go…things are still looking good and I am really getting excited about victory lane. Now the whole Juan Pablo & Tony thing and then the Tony, Dale and Kyle thing really bothered me but hey, Jeff wasn’t involved. My ds son calls me from the kitchen because Jeff is not in first anymore…I assure him that there is time and we can still win. Well, Jeff slips from 1st to 2nd, from 2nd to 3rd and finishes in 4th…what in the world. My chicken, rice and veggies in 1 dish had too much liquid evaporate as I couldn’t leave the tv during the last 8 laps.

Dinner was still tasty and being that yesterday was remembrance of Jackie Robinson and the 60 years that have passed since he broke the color barrier in MLB, the commentators mentioned NASCAR’s lone African-American driver, Wendell Scott. Now, if you are paying close attention during the national anthem and the like, you will notice a few people of color on the pit crews but that is the extent. After a gogole search for Wendell Scott, I found this awesome site that shares a personal story about him. A definite addition to my family’s list of who’s who and hopefully to your list as well.


Planning the year

Planning – that one word can either send you into homeschool joy or homeschool misery. Right now, I think I have moved from misery to joy. I wasn’t completely miserable but I was a bit anxiety ridden as I poured over the various choices that are available and tried to keep in mind the homeschooling laws for my state. While dd is only entering Kindergarten, we have been doing ‘homeschool’ for almost 2 years now in some capacity and as a result, the recommendations of just continuing to teach reading/phonics and work on writing is not applicable as those topics are already being covered so I do need to develop a more inclusive curriculum that includes history, science, and the arts.

My state regulations indicate that you must teach what is being taught in the school system and even after having downloaded the curriculum framework used, I realize that there are some things that will be taught and others that may not be covered this year. So, where does that leave me….this week is our state curriculum fair so I am looking forward to my first attendance at such an event keeping in mind my list of needs and my list of wants if they are in the used curriculum area.

I have made some decisions:

Math – we will begin Alpha from Math-U-See (see link on sidebar for more details)
Language Arts – Continue Ordinary Parents Guide to Teaching Reading and begin First Language Lessons and add in more copywork, memorization and other items

For History and Science, my plan is to develop 4 unit studies that roughly match the time periods from The Well-Trained Mind to give an overview prior to beginning the Ancients in 1st grade. I am working on a creation unit study which will be our first unit and then I will work on the others with a goal of having them outlined and ready to go by the end of June. Depending on the end product I am thinking of putting them on Lulu for free as I have been so blessed by so many others freebies.

I have a tendency to over-research so I am trying to keep in mind that this is Kindergarten and if need be we can revisit these unit studies later and delve more deeply. 🙂

Art and music appreciation is a pretty easy one for us as there are several venues nearby to take advantage of the arts plus there will be crafts in the unit study. Physical education is important so between our big backyard, bikes/scooters, community park and city park..I think we will be okay in that area as well. There is also an inside facility that I heard is nice and has an open gym time so we may have to check that out during the winter months. We will continue our library visits and will reassess storytime in the fall.

I think I have made progress into the joy of planning and now the key is to continue fleshing it out and have it as close to final as possible in June.