Friday Books


Today we started out with HUSH! by Minfong Ho (ISBN:0531095002). The story is a lullaby from Thailand. Having experienced just yesterday the desire as a mom to have sleeping children remain sleeping, I loved this story of a mom that seeks to quiet all surrounding noises as to not wake up the sleeping baby. She quiets a mosquito, lizard, cat, mouse, frog, pig, monkey, water buffalo, duck, and an elephant. After the entire surrounding area is quiet, the mom falls asleep and of course the napping child is wide awake. 🙂

Water book

Our second book was Water for One, Water for Everyone by Stephen R. Swinburne (ISBN – 0761302697). Counting books are thoroughly enjoyed by my youngest and they help reinforce numbers/counting for the oldest. Animals come to an African waterhole starting with 1 tortoise and ending with 10 elephants and with each new group more water disappears from the water hole. For narration purposes at the end, it is great to see if the kids can recall the proper order of the animals to the water hole. Nice illustrations and colors to keep everyone’s attention.