Pt. 2 – Racism and Pot & Kettle "ism"

So, Don Imus is fired. As noted in my previous post, I do not think he should have been fired. Did he say something that should not have been said, yes but if all of us were fired for what we said than the majority of us would be unemployed because we are all prone to saying some quite ignorant at one time or another (in some cases several times). Where do we go from here?

I am unsure at this point being that I think the black community has a case of pot calling the kettle black ism going on in that we want to hold others feet to the carpet over what they say but we are unwilling to police ourselves in terms of what we say about each other. This double standard should not be acceptable yet it continues.

Arthur Ashe said “Racism is not an excuse to not do the best you can.” As such, we as a people cannot continue to allow our own to not do the best that they can….the offerings on BET is that really a sum total of our worth? Quite frankly, I do not watch it or any of the other offerings of trash on MTV and VH-1 because if you have seen 1 video of scantily clad women then you can pretty much say that you have seen them all.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (media courtesans) would like us to be outraged yet where are the protests against BET, MTV and VH-1 for allowing the use of the word for garden tool, n-word and other words to become synonyms for women and black women in particular? The outrage over the labels/artists that produce the filth? That’s right – there is no outrage over that.

Sheila Johnson, co-founder and ex-wife of BET founder Robert Johnson, spoke in her new role as Owner of the Washington Mystics WNBA team about Imus’ remarks but golly gee willikers no mention of how she was able to own the team by making millions with BET’s substandard programming.

I am not going to beat this horse to death. How wonderful it is that as a country we (all of a sudden) are no longer willing to tolerate such comments, I am just waiting for hand holding and a verse or two of Kumbaya. Okay, the me that lives in the real world believes that after the dust has settled that Imus will have another job in radio/tv and this incident will be forgotten because our consciousness will be subdued once again.

Let’s get real with each other and deal with our hearts – that is the only time we are going to move beyond where we are and where we continue to be stuck in a revolving door.


4 thoughts on “Pt. 2 – Racism and Pot & Kettle "ism"”

  1. Great post! – this one and the first part that you wrote. This is funny but I was going to send you over to totaltransformation’s blog to check out the video he posted and he’s already done it! haha! It’s similar to what you’ve said in a way – very perceptive and right on I think.

    I think Christians are guilty of this same type of behavior in a way. They get mad when people make fun of them or criticize them or something like that but does what other people say really define who we are? Does it really matter what other people think? I think there are a lot of people that would stop saying things that are “offensive” if they knew they couldn’t get a rise out of some group. Look at all the attention Imus is getting out of this. He’s probably secretly loving it! Like you said, he’ll probably have a job somewhere else doing the same thing pretty soon. I wish people would stop worrying about being so politically correct and just live their life and be nice to others. I’m living in a dream world though – I know. 🙂

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