Good books!

Grandfather’s Dream

Okay, so as always we love to read aloud and make it a part of our school day. I love to include books that show different cultures to expand the minds of my little darlings. We read Holly Keller’s, Grandfather’s Dream. It is a delightful story of a family in Vietnam and a grandfather’s wish for the cranes to return to their village as they view them as a sign of good luck. Many in the village think the grandfather and others of his thought process are wasting good rice growing land but the village gives him/them another cycle of dry/wet season for the birds to return before the land returns to rice growing. Grandfather’s grandson, Nam, loves to listen to his grandfather’s stories about the cranes and one day he realizes that they have returned and off he runs to share the exciting news with his grandfather.

This book allowed conversation on the importance that other cultures place on the elderly (grandfather lives with the family) and multigenerational family units, conservation, and the pictures illustrate life in some of the rice growing areas of Vietnam. The little ones enjoyed the story, illustrations, and the ending.


Another book that we read was The Honest-to-Goodness Truth by Patricia C. McKissack. This story introduced us to little Libby. Libby is a young girl that begins the story by telling a lie (too easily) to her mother. She is caught in her lie and punished and vows to tell the truth from that point forward with no real understanding that even the truth can be shared at the wrong time, in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons which is illustrated through her truth telling adventures. By the end she learns how to share the truth in love.

Frank and Ernest

This book had mommy in stitches more than the little ones. Frank and Ernest are an interesting pair (an elephant and a bear) that are friends and run a diner for a few days while the owner is away. Personally, I love good diner food!!! 🙂 The orders are placed and then translated by Ernest to Frank and the translations are where the funny bone is tickled. My ds and I now drink moo juice (milk) so they did get something out of it in between my laughter.