Pt. 2 – Racism and Pot & Kettle "ism"

So, Don Imus is fired. As noted in my previous post, I do not think he should have been fired. Did he say something that should not have been said, yes but if all of us were fired for what we said than the majority of us would be unemployed because we are all prone to saying some quite ignorant at one time or another (in some cases several times). Where do we go from here?

I am unsure at this point being that I think the black community has a case of pot calling the kettle black ism going on in that we want to hold others feet to the carpet over what they say but we are unwilling to police ourselves in terms of what we say about each other. This double standard should not be acceptable yet it continues.

Arthur Ashe said “Racism is not an excuse to not do the best you can.” As such, we as a people cannot continue to allow our own to not do the best that they can….the offerings on BET is that really a sum total of our worth? Quite frankly, I do not watch it or any of the other offerings of trash on MTV and VH-1 because if you have seen 1 video of scantily clad women then you can pretty much say that you have seen them all.

Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson (media courtesans) would like us to be outraged yet where are the protests against BET, MTV and VH-1 for allowing the use of the word for garden tool, n-word and other words to become synonyms for women and black women in particular? The outrage over the labels/artists that produce the filth? That’s right – there is no outrage over that.

Sheila Johnson, co-founder and ex-wife of BET founder Robert Johnson, spoke in her new role as Owner of the Washington Mystics WNBA team about Imus’ remarks but golly gee willikers no mention of how she was able to own the team by making millions with BET’s substandard programming.

I am not going to beat this horse to death. How wonderful it is that as a country we (all of a sudden) are no longer willing to tolerate such comments, I am just waiting for hand holding and a verse or two of Kumbaya. Okay, the me that lives in the real world believes that after the dust has settled that Imus will have another job in radio/tv and this incident will be forgotten because our consciousness will be subdued once again.

Let’s get real with each other and deal with our hearts – that is the only time we are going to move beyond where we are and where we continue to be stuck in a revolving door.


Good books!

Grandfather’s Dream

Okay, so as always we love to read aloud and make it a part of our school day. I love to include books that show different cultures to expand the minds of my little darlings. We read Holly Keller’s, Grandfather’s Dream. It is a delightful story of a family in Vietnam and a grandfather’s wish for the cranes to return to their village as they view them as a sign of good luck. Many in the village think the grandfather and others of his thought process are wasting good rice growing land but the village gives him/them another cycle of dry/wet season for the birds to return before the land returns to rice growing. Grandfather’s grandson, Nam, loves to listen to his grandfather’s stories about the cranes and one day he realizes that they have returned and off he runs to share the exciting news with his grandfather.

This book allowed conversation on the importance that other cultures place on the elderly (grandfather lives with the family) and multigenerational family units, conservation, and the pictures illustrate life in some of the rice growing areas of Vietnam. The little ones enjoyed the story, illustrations, and the ending.


Another book that we read was The Honest-to-Goodness Truth by Patricia C. McKissack. This story introduced us to little Libby. Libby is a young girl that begins the story by telling a lie (too easily) to her mother. She is caught in her lie and punished and vows to tell the truth from that point forward with no real understanding that even the truth can be shared at the wrong time, in the wrong way and for the wrong reasons which is illustrated through her truth telling adventures. By the end she learns how to share the truth in love.

Frank and Ernest

This book had mommy in stitches more than the little ones. Frank and Ernest are an interesting pair (an elephant and a bear) that are friends and run a diner for a few days while the owner is away. Personally, I love good diner food!!! 🙂 The orders are placed and then translated by Ernest to Frank and the translations are where the funny bone is tickled. My ds and I now drink moo juice (milk) so they did get something out of it in between my laughter.

Mommy Moments

So, the April showers started last night and there was a break during the day but they are starting again and this time with thunder and lightning. The kids are napping but I keep checking and hovering to make sure the big booms do not startle them and they awake scared.

I love the rain but could do without some of the loud cracks of thunder, yet mommies aren’t scared and even if they are they do not show it. 😉

We just had another one and they didn’t stir…thank God!!