Time spent in the country

We just returned from a few days in the country. DH grew up in a small town in North Carolina and I do mean small. His family still owns their 55 acre farm and my in-laws are quite mobile for 85 and 89 years of age. The family has a tradition of gathering for Easter so we headed out on Thursday. The men usually play golf as you can do that in NC in April but the number of participants has dwindled over the years. They played on Friday but on Saturday they were unable to play due to sunshine and snow squalls….talk about an interesting site…

The kids love going to NC and enjoying the open area and seeing cows, goats and just a much more relaxed and rural nature than they are used to at home. They rode their bikes sans helmets and protective gear as they were just riding up and down the paved driveway which is quite long and who doesn’t like the wind going into your face and over your head. 🙂 My ds is still not too fond of insects so there were a few screaming moments but he is getting better.

I think that they would both now like their own set of golf clubs as they both made nice contact with the balls while using their dads clubs and what dad and 2 uncles do not enjoy their own ball chasers? The kids ran to and fro collecting golf balls and politely retrieving them for kind words and hugs.

Mom on the other hand just sat and watched. I took a few pictures for my scrapbooks and just spent time enjoying the surroundings. Of course on Friday I did pack up the kids and while dh was playing golf we drove 25-30 minutes to Roanoke Rapids to shop at the Super Wal-Mart (I would love to have one of these closer to me), we had lunch at Chick-Fil-A and I also had a venti latte from Starbucks. If you are wondering why I had to drive 30 minutes, remember we were in a very small town and the nearest McDonald’s is 18-20 miles away.

All in all it was a nice time to relax and the kids enjoy seeing the grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.


Choices, choices and more choices

Everytime I turn the pages of the Rainbow Resource catalog, I chuckle to myself about how numerous the choices are for homeschooling curricula. Being that dd will be in K in September, the time has come to “officially” develop her curriculum and begin the process of submitting the proper paperwork to the Board of Education notifying them that she will be homeschooled….(creepy music playing in background). Why does this process bring on a sense of dread? I often ask myself why does fear/apprehension and the like creep into my body when I am looking over the choices. After a few minutes I realize it is because dh and I are taking the full responsibility of her education into our own hands.

What a responsibility? It is one we welcome as we are united that this is what God wants for her and our family, yet it is an awesome undertaking. Being that I am not a box type of girl, I am more a little of this and a little of that (I cook the same way), I am and have been doing a lot of research about different curricula and really trying to determine what suits not only her dominant learning style but also her not-so dominant learning style but also my style of teaching.

Many people feel that K doesn’t need a real curriculum. However, our state has full-day K and the “paperwork” details out the subject matter so even though they are pretty flexible about homeschooling in general they do want certain subjects covered so to me it is imperative that she has an actual curriculum and not something that mommy thought of in the shower for that week. 🙂

We have a homeschool curriculum expo coming in a few weeks so I look forward to attending that and checking out some things that are on my list. Hubby and I will be praying over my choices over the next few weeks as we like to commit them to prayer before actually buying. In the meantime, I will type up everything and submit it to the Chief Financial Officer (dh) for his approval. 😉