The Place Value Light Came on…..quite brightly

So, the other day I posted about how my daughter was still struggling with place value. Well, it is funny how math is such an integral part of our life and life affords so many teaching opportunities. While having lunch on Saturday, she had french fries with her chicken fingers and she noticed the 57 on the bottle of ketchup. She said, “Mommy, this is 57.” Being the mom that I am, I immediately said, “how many units are in 57?” and she correctly responded with “7” and she correctly gave me the tens. 🙂

As a homeschooling mom, I absolutely love moments like that and I like to reserve Monday for review work and I did get started on my decimal street because dd is a more visual/tactile learner and I made a green units house and a blue tens house that I did laminate on my new Xyron laminator (it rocks!!)…so after Bible this morning and continuing the Holy Week lesson and using our Resurrection Eggs, I gave her some worksheets where I had already shaded and asked her to write the tens/units and then tell me the number and then build it. She also had some blank sheets in which she had to write the number on the board, then her paper, shade the worksheet and then build. She loved building on her new houses and proudly showed them off to her brother and she totally aced all of the assignments and has actually decided that she would like to say “onety” for her teens. While that is okay in school, I did urge to learn the nicknames.

All in all it was a great MUS morning and now I must make/laminate my hundreds castle for tomorrow. Yippee!!!


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