Cherry Blossoms, Kite Festival, Hanging Out in DC

Oh, what a glorious day!!! The kids, Nana, Pop-Pop and I (dh had previous commitments) took the Metro (Washington area subway system) to DC to enjoy all the wonderful free events for the day. Prior to having dd, I used to take the Metro daily to/fro work and dh still commutes via it but I haven’t exactly been a user of the system for over 5 years. Anyhoo, my parents have traveled via Metro maybe twice. Needless to say, it was an experience being that we had to change trains to get to our first stop and once leaving the kite festival, the traffic was so jammed trying to enter the Smithsonian stop that I just knew one of us would lose it.

Our first stop was the National Building Museum for the Cherry Blossom Family Day Festival. Target was the major sponsor and the kids made Japanese headbands and kabuki masks and origami cranes all with Target’s logo. 🙂
Kids with headbands making masks

The National Building Museum is such a beautiful place and they had the neatest cherry blossom balloons floating in the air.
Cherry Blossom Balloons

After partaking in that fun event, we headed to lunch at Legal Seafood – Nana’s favorite spot. Lunch was delicious!!

Back to the Metro to make our way to The Mall to enjoy the Smithsonian’s 41st Annual Kite Festival. We could see the kites as we were exiting the Metro and like a kid, I was very excited. We walked the Mall to the Washington Monument and enjoyed the kites and the mobs of people. There were many strollers that quite frankly help the parents move faster but for older children (3+), let them walk as many toes/heels were run over. I digressed, the kites were beautiful and there were good winds to keep them soaring. Quite interesting to see the kites, the Washington Monument and right in the midst jets landing/taking off at National Airport. We had a great time and the kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves and next year my ds would like to make a kite and fly it. 🙂

Here are a few pictures that made me wish I had a zoom lens like a real photographer (hee hee), as you can see, some soared and some sat in trees.

Soaring Kits Tree bound kites