Everything has its place and place value

I’ll start with – I love Math-U-See (MUS). A homeschooling mom from church has always spoke highly of it and after evaluating several math curricula and actually working through another curriculum with a homeschool family with a daughter close to my daughter’s age, I knew that MUS was the best fit for us. We are in the Primer and we are on place value. Today was one of those days because one moment she was building-writing-saying with no problem and then it was like her brain shut off. She had already did her workbook sheets yesterday with little assistance from me but I still didn’t feel like she got it. I knew I wanted her to do some more worksheets before I could truly feel comfortable so I designed some in Excel and converted into Word in order to show you here.Tens Place Value

The sheets can be used by saying the number to the child and having them write it and then shade in the appropriate tens/units or you can shade them on the computer and then they have to write down the correct number. It proved quite helpful and on Monday we will review again before moving to hundreds.

I also purchased an EZ Laminator because I am going to make a Decimal Street similar to this one. I see a few things on the laminating horizon so I thought that I would do an adaptation of decimal street….everyone has their own laminator..right? πŸ™‚


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  1. Ahaha! My OWN laminator?? I wish!! What a great idea! Ohhh Honeeyyyy…. πŸ™‚
    Funny, you commented on my blog less than a minute after I hit POST! I’m a MUS lover too! I taught my 3 big kids using MUS years ago, when they only had Intro, Foundations, Intermediate, etc. (The old editions) You just can’t beat Steve Demme’s methods, especially for younger kids. This time around (second batch of young kiddos now) we’re going MUS all the way up through Zeta, then into Teaching Textbooks Math 7 or Pre-Algebra, whichever they place into!

  2. Hee hee…it was by Xyron so since I have so much of their scrapbook stuff I figured for $49.99 it wasn’t a bad purchase. It is not a heat laminator as they were over $100 but it will get the job done. πŸ™‚

    I was up way too late last night waiting on my dh to return from conference meeting that was about 3 hours away. So, when I saw your post I had to check it out and I am glad that things are progressing.

  3. I know I already commented on this, but something just occurred to me. I HAVE that Decimal Street mat. Actually I have TWO, and the one I’ve used for ten years is already laminated. If you still want a Decimal Street, I’ll send you my other one. It’s practically brand new (never used because of the old one) and you can take it to Staples and have it laminated. ?? Let me know!

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