The State of Christianity

Over the past few days I have read some interesting articles about Christians and Christianity. Two of the articles really got me to thinking about the message of Christianity that we Christians are sending to the rest of the world.

The first article deals with Black pastors and their acceptance of gay members. Rev. Dennis Meredith of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Atlanta began teaching acceptance of gay and lesbian church members when his son revealed to him that he was gay. As a result of his preaching of acceptance he and other pastors like him have lost long time church members. As a Christian we are to love everyone just as Christ loves us but even in our love of everyone we do not have to accept the sin that people are in….Jesus corrects us as a part of his love for us. Parents correct their children because they love them.

Pastor Meredith used to preach against homosexuality up until 5 years ago and the coming out of his son. Acceptance of others is needed because if people are not comfortable or welcomed then they likely will not find themselves in a church in which they can hear and receive the gospel. However, Pastor Meredith has moved beyond just acceptance of the people to acceptance of their lifestyles as he presided over a commitment ceremony for two lesbian couples.

Pastors have an awesome responsibility to preach the whole word of God. It truly amazes me that there are so many pastors that now pick and choose what they will preach and stay away from all things controversial and week in and week out will preach a message of wealth, health and prosperity. Did they ever read the book of Job? James? Life will have suffering; life will not be full of wealth, health and prosperity. Get over it and start teaching your flocks how to deal with adversity when it comes. How faith in Christ will enable all of us to make it through the obstacles of life. Instead of preaching that God is some genie in a bottle sitting by to grant all of your wishes. In the time of Paul and Timothy, false teachers were thrown out of the church, now false teachers have some of the largest churches in the country. I really think some need to be thrown out.

The second article dealt with Dr. Dobson of Focus on the Family and former Senator Fred Thompson. Now, I think Focus on the Family does great work and is an awesome ministry. However, since when did Dr. Dobson gain ownership over the word “Christian” and since when is it meant to only refer to “evangelical” Christians? My faith defines me yet I am finding it harder and harder to swallow how partisan Christians have become and the comments especially within the area of politics that are made that are no different than the comments of others. 1 Timothy 2:1 says we are to pray for all of our leaders and yet there is nothing but bashing coming forth especially about those that are not considered evangelical enough. Harriet Meirs was even ripped about her faith during her short lived (thank goodness) nomination for the Supreme Court.

I don’t like preachers preaching politics from the pulpit nor am I fond of all the partisanship that takes place within Christian circles. A local Christian radio station is full of such political punditry that I refuse to listen to it in the afternoon because my kids are wondering what they are so *mad* about…their tone and word usage really denotes hostility that if a non-believer would happen to stumble upon that station they would surely be turned away from Christ.

The first institution that God created was the family, it was created before government and before the church. If a wife (in a family) can win over a non-believer husband with her conduct and no words, why are Christians saying so many words (about government and so much more)?


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  1. You hit the nail on the head. We have let paultry partisan politics co-opt the powerful Biblical language. Instead of using our time, energy, and resources reaching out with Christ’s love, we come out fighting.

    I don’t have the answers, but I think the power of the Holy Spirit will equip a counter-culture of Christians to transform society, one soul at a time.

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