We went to the circus – what a great day

Yesterday was so great that I wanted to write about it yesterday but some unexpected things came up and today has been just as crazy. Anyhoo, we were blessed with tickets to the circus (Ringling Bros.) by our church (the school didn’t sell all of the tickets) and so we had a homeschool field trip. Our seats were amazing, we were 4 rows from the circus ring. The kids absolutely loved it and the high priced toys that I purchased ($20 each) but hey the tickets were free. 🙂
Circus Horse Act

We were able to meet hubby/daddy for lunch and that is always fun. After lunch, I really didn’t want to go home and the weather was way too beautiful so I asked the kids if instead of going to Smithsonian – Natural History that we check out the Gallery of Art. We were blessed with a parking space right in front thanks to darling daughter’s prayer and we checked out the Gallery of Art. I really didn’t know how the kids were going to react to art so I just let them look and tell me what they saw, what they liked and what they didn’t like…I found that they have interesting tastes in art.

After we walked through several galleries, we headed to the store where I allowed them a postcard of an art piece of their liking and my son (age 3) stuck to his guns about a Gauguin piece, Self-portrait, that was definitely not something that I thought a 3 year old would like. He consided it his favorite out of all of the paintings that he saw…go figure.

The nice weather beckoned us to come outside and there is only so much art for preschoolers so I was thankful that they indulged their mommy. We went out onto The Mall and they played while I sat in the grass with shoes off enjoying the sun, trees, birds and planes. Finally, it was time for the day to come to an end and we had to head home. Traffic was getting heavy and they both slept the entire way home. It was a great day!
Enjoying the outdoors


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  1. Thanks so much for your comment on my post! 🙂 I am so glad you were encouraged by it. That means I accomplished my goal. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your blog as well.. thanks for sharing! Keep raising your kids the way you are and praying for them.. I really think they’ll be thankful for it. Anyway, hope your day is beautiful! *prayers* ~ Tara *Phil.4:19*

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