This is the week….

Today marks the beginning of a week that will culminate in our daughter’s 4 year transplant anniversary.  She was born with biliary atresia and it was not detected until she was almost 4 months old.    She is 4 1/2 years of age now and with each passing year, we try to explain more and more to her about how blessed she is and what happenned to her when she was too young to remember.

Having lost my younger brother at the tender age of 21 and donating his organs, I never expected to be on the receiving side of such a selfless and precious gift. 

I have been pondering what to do and I think that she and I will finally start her scrapbook for that chapter of her life and I will share with her the daily journal entries made during that time from the hospital computer room.

Of course this time also reminds me of her donor family that is reminded of the lost of their little one during this time and our prayers continue to go out to them and we are thankful to God for allowing them to think of saving others in the time of their loss.


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  1. To God be the Glory! I know being a donor is something I have begun to think about since watching a recent episode of Extreme Homemakeover where a young boy was killed in a car accident and his organs saved the lives of five people. The mother was blessed to meet the girl who received his heart. And so I will pray that God will give me the courage to sign up but like so many others, I think that the doctors wouldn’t do all they could for me in a dire situation if they knew of someone who needed my organs. I know its silly but its definetly what keeps me from signing up. Pray for me!

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