Homeschooling – everyone has an opinion

Homeschooling is a topic that everyone has an opinion about and more often than not they feel free to share their opinion with you – solicited or unsolicited.  🙂

This weekend, I had the pleasure of being roped into a discussion about why we have chosen to homeschool our children, the oldest will enter Kindergarten in August. 

In our state, our county has consistently ranked next to last in terms of education.  We have lots of private schools and church run schools but the majority cost close to $7,000 which is almost what my first year of college was some years ago.  So, when presented with the option of an underperforming public school or a $7,000 kindergarten program, we chose homeschooling.

Homeschooling is unfamiliar territory for many, especially those within the education field.  I have found that they are not familiar with the local laws regarding homeschool and generally have a fear of the unknown.  It is quite concerning that alternatives to homeschooling are to try and get your child into another school that is not in your neighborhood.  The real alternatives should be let’s use my taxpayer dollars in ways necessary to ensure that my neighborhood school is capable of providing a quality education.

Of course, the issue of testing came up.  I was offered testing for my child even though there is no current test in place to enter Kindergarten.  Just another homeschool related hoop but testing isn’t required so testing will not take place.  I am not afraid of testing but research has shown that the kids in the public school system do not recall the information that they have been taught for tests, so is testing a true measure of achievement or is the development of a lifelong love of learning?


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  1. With each year my son matriculates through the public school system my anxiety increases. Academically, he excels, and although I feel he is not being challenged enough, academics is not my main concern. We’ve dealt with bulling, the lack of attention given towards the seriousness of bulling (on all levels), and just plain mean/rude (or maybe burnout) teachers.

    It’s amazing how much time has changed my attitude about home schooling. Ask me three years ago how I felt about home schooling and I would have cringed. My thoughts then were – child + homeallday + mylimitedpatients = diseaster. I have continually prayed for patients and oh how God has supplied.

    Not far long from being a single parent – I didn’t have a choice. Now newly married, we pray for the day when I can “come home” and home school. But for now, we are seriously considering private school. If only for a little while…

    Thanks for the outlet and keep us in your prayers

    Love you,


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